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Domestic Damages is an independent film and has thus far been funded through the generous support of individuals who believe in this film and the need for this story to be told.  The funds that we are seeking will go toward the film's print & advertising, editing, and distribution budget.  Also we will gave a portion of the money to grassroots domestic abuse organizations. The goal of this film is for it to be seen by audiences in every city big and small around the world. We want to bring people together to help stop domestic abuse and provide justice, support and monetary help when needed.  


Our production team realizes that domestic abuse is an ugly topic that no one wants to talk about which makes the task of making this movie even more difficult.  But with your gracious support, we will shed light on this issue in a way that every man, women, and child will be able to understand and appreciate. Help us make a difference and history with this film. 



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